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작성일 : 16-05-20 20:16
Manhae Foundation Introduction
 글쓴이 : 만해마을
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 Manhae Foundation Introduction
Reverend Manhae(Han Yong-un), a Buddhist monk, a poet and a patriot, is one of the greatest figures in the modern history of Korea.
   It is true that, even in our time, Reverend Manhae's efforts to modernize and reform Korean Buddhism are still exerting a fomidable influence on the Buddhist circle of Korea. And it is true that his dedication to freedom and equality, progress and peace, along with his idea of the common people, have lighted the Korean people the way to their democratic and popular movements of today. It is also true that his literary thoughts, based on his idea of love and his love of living beings, has given a great impact to modern Korean literature. No one will deny that the power of his mind had been an enormous source of energy for all the Korean people.
   It is, þhowever, true that we are stil in need of a nationwide crusade for the better understanding and more active dissemination 0f ®Rverend Manha's thoughts. Hence, at the Baekdam Temple, the birth place of his thoughts and his most precious literary achievement, The Silence of My Love, we have gathered and decided to start a movement for propagating Reverend Manhae's thoughts and putting them into practice. Hereby, on behalf of all those sharing our cause, I declare that we establish the Society for the Promotion and Practice of Manhae's Thoughts(Manhae Sasang Silcheon Seonyang-hoe).
   As is always the case, harmonious cooperation is everything in accomplishing something. I urge that we should devote our will and passion to making this movement a great success. And I am earnestly inviting those interested to join us. We all hope that the society will serve as a stepping-stone for studying more systematically, and making anew, Reverend Manhae's ideas and achievements.
(January 1996)