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<1997, The 1st Manhae Prize Awards>

On the Occasion of Establishing The Manhae Prize
The society for the Promotion and Practice of Manhae's Thoughts establishes the Manhae Prize(Manhae Daesang) in memory of, and for the dissemination of, the high thinking and noble mind of Reverend Manhae(1879-1944).
   As is well known, Reverend Manhae devoted his body and soul to the noble and just cause of national independence: until he breathed his last, he fought against the tyranny of the Japanese colonialist rule, armed with the idea of freedom and equality and that of harmony and peace, and  he never ceased putting into practice his idea of love; indeed, he not only loved his country and its people but also had a deep affection for all the living beings of the word.
  What is the most valuable thing in this world? It would be a noble mind that cares, and pays respect to, all the living beings of the world, and it would be the idea of love that enables all the living being of the world to be born and enjoy life. Also, it would be the idea of freedom and equality or the idea of harmony and peace that helps the idea of love come into full bloom. Reverend Manhae knew this and actively upheld what he believed to be the most valuable cause. Indeed, he is one of the paragons of justice and morality, whose high thinking and noble mind have illuminated all of us the right path to peace and happiness.
  To repeat, in memory of, and for the dissemination of, Reverend Manhae's Prize in the following categories; Peace, Social Service, Academic Excellence, Art, Literature, and Missionary Work. The Society hopes that the Manhae's high thinking and noble mind. And the successful and fair management of the Manhae Prize.
  The Society for the Promotion and Practice of Manhae's Thoughts.
(January 1997)
<2015, The 19th Manhae Prize Awards>

In 1997, the Society for Propagation and Practice of Manhae's Thoughts established the Manhae Prize in memory of the Reverend Manhae (Han Young-un, 1879-1944) who dedicated his life to his country and people. The aim of the prize is to help honor and disseminate the works of those individuals and groups who most exemplify the principals and noble aims of the Reverend Manhae. 2015 marks the 19th year of the Manhae Prize which is awarded by the Committee on Celebration of Manhae.

Born during the turbulent times of latter era Joseon Dynasty, Reverend Manhae was a true renaissance man and a great hero at a time when Korea was most in need of them. Grounded in the ideas of peace and equality, he carried out was committed to the cause of national independence from Japan during the colonial period. Furthermore, he strived to realize the ideas of peace and life through his commitment to equality and freedom, based on the spirit of progress and unity. His love extended not only to his country and her people, but to all living beings.

The most valuable thing in the world is a noble mind that respects and loves all the living beings in the world. Reverend Manhae's idealized vision of love was one that would enable all living beings to enjoy lives endowed with freedom, quality, and peace that would in turn bring this great love into full bloom. His life and works stand to this day as a shining example of justice and morality whose enlightened thinking helped illuminate the right path towards peace and happiness.

In memory of his life and ideals, the Manhae Society has established a prize in each of the following categories: Peace, Practice, Literature. It is the Society's hope that the Manhae prize will serve to inspire people to follow his example and work to attain his noble mind. The Society extends an invitation to any interested party to become involved in the Manhae Prize. 
Aug. 2015

                                                                          The Manhae Festival Promotion Committee

만해대상(萬海大賞)은 한평생 나라와 겨레를 위해 몸과 마음을 바치시고 순국한 만해 한용운 선생(1879~1944)의 높은 사상과 깊은 정신을 기리고 추모하면서 오늘에 되살리기 위해 1997년 만해사상실천선양회가 제정하여, 2015년 현재 제19회째 이어져 오는 상으로 만해축전추진위원회가 수여하는 상이다.

주지하다시피 만해 선생은 구한말 풍운의 시대에 태어나 일제강점기 내내 자유와 평등사상이라는 인류사적 대의를 바탕으로 나라사랑·겨례사랑이라는 민족사적 과제를 실천하면서 진보와 통일사상의 구현이라는 시대정신에 입각하여 이 땅에 사랑의 철학과 생명사상, 그리고 평화사상을 실현하고자 진심전력 노력하셨던 분이다.

무릇 세상에서 가장 귀한 것은 생명을 세상의 제일가치로 알고 존중하며 기려 나아가는 생명사상이 아니겠는가. 아울러 생명을 탄생케 하고 자라가게 하는 사랑의 철학이며, 그것을 꽃피우고 열매 맺게 하는 자유·평등정신과 평화사상이 아니겠는가. 이 점에서 이러한 만해 선생의 정신과 사상을 오늘에 되살리는 일은 이 시대에 민족정기를 회복하고 나아가서 인류가 평화의 길, 행복의 길로 나아갈 수 있는 이념적 대도(大道)이자 실천적 정도(正道)라고 할 수 있음이 분명하다. 21세기에 있어 이러한 생명사상과 사랑의 철학, 그리고 평화사상이야말로 온 민족과 인류가 추구해 나아가야 할 민족사적 화두이자 인류사적 정신의 지표가 아닐 수 없기 때문이다.

이에 이러한 만해 선생의 높은 뜻과 정신이 이 시대 겨레의 가슴에 샘물처럼 솟아나게 하고 마음속에 실핏줄처럼 퍼져 나아가기를 기대하고 염원하는 온 국민의 마음과 정성을 모아 만해평화대상·만해실천대상·만해문예대상을 제정하는 바이다. 온 겨레의 적극적인 동참과 성원, 그리고 지도편달을 바라마지 않는다. 
2015년 8월